Would you like to eat-out for a good Japanese dining experience at our restaurant? Are you nearby and would you like to take-out some fresh sushi or warm dishes? Or do you prefer us to deliver the food all the way to your doorstep?

At Sushi ‘n Sake we offer all 3 options to provide you with our delicious Japanese cuisine.

Our restaurant is located in the trendy neighborhood of Amsterdam-east at the dapperstraat. Our cozy atmosphere and super friendly staff is our perfect mixture to guarantee you a great Sushi ‘n Sake experience.

Sushi ‘n Sake contains around 20 seats for dining and as our name already reveals, we also have a sake bar to make your sushi experience complete.

Our chefs love to experiment with different cuisines, from South American to western, so why don’t you try out some of our fusion dishes like our tacos and special iso rolls!

Come by anytime

Dapperstraat 34-a
1093BW, Amsterdam